Sony Move Design Ideas

Body Tracking

Using a utility type belt that has holders for 3 other moves would allow for the user’s hip positions to be tracked.  By determining center of mass as well as tracking body speed and motion different 3D techniques that rely on full body tracking could be used more efficiently.

This type of tracking could also work for a video game setting:  Imagine playing Zelda where different weapons were different remotes.  An example would be as you change the appropriate move controllers, Link would sheath his sword and pick up the boomerang.

World Exploration for Learning

The move controller can be used as a camera to see into an imaginary world much like the premise of the Magic School Bus.  You can move the controller and virtually observe the inside of a galaxy, bonds of a molecule, life under the ocean, etc.  Experiencing relative distances between virtual objects coupled with real props can provide better spacial judgement and understanding.

Augmented Painting with Wide Tracking Area

Imagine a wall being a virtual canvas were multiple users can use the Move as paint brushes to draw / tag a space collaboratively.  Depending on the size of the canvas / number of users multiple cameras can be used to track the space.

This would pose both a large technical and design challenge.  The technical challenge would be handing the controllers because they will need drop and reconnect seamlessly between systems.  The design challenge would be understanding how users can collaborate in the space and how they would change brush shapes, colors, etc.  This type of virtual drawing allows for users to collaborate locally or virtually.

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