Project Insane Llamas

Before the Wii, games were set in 3D environments with limited 2D controls. Now we see more full body gaming and natural motions with the Playstation Move and Microsoft Kinect. Mobile gaming is heading in this direction, but the majority of mobile games still follow traditional game design. We look to give the player a more interactive experience by placing the action in the real-world and having a more natural camera control. Using augmented reality, we will develop a game in which the objective is to rescue Kiwis, who were kidnapped by insane llamas. Players free the Kiwis by beating the insane llamas that inhabit different levels of the game. These levels are spread throughout the real-world space and seen through an iOS device, allowing players to have physical control over their point of view. A slingshot attached to the device is used to shoot vengeful Kiwis into the virtual environment and defeat the insane llamas. Parts of the virtual and real environments can be destroyed to highlight how the player can interact with both virtual and real objects. With this project, we hope to inspire novel gaming design and 3D user interaction for mobile gaming and applications.

Design Questions:
With AR we run this risk of registration errors. Is AR the best route?
  • We don’t want to alienate players just because the find the system unresponsive.
  • How much registration error is acceptable?
If there were perfect registration but no occlusion/destruction of real world objects would this be as fun/innovative/?
What does haptics afford the user? (Slingshot)
  • Is it necessary for understanding the interaction or just cool?
  • Would having to buy an additional prop deter users?
  • How can we make it fun without the prop?
On a side note, if you every need ideas for project names this website proved to be helpful for ours :D

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