Captains Log 22.03.2012

The Game

Unity has a great offer allowing free iOS developer license available (more details here).  So I have had the pleasure of developing our game Insane Llamas using there software.  It has some great features that allow for easy scripting, editing and debugging.  This is a much welcomed changed from some open source projects that we were using because Unity has a large community base and good documentation.

So far, we have functionality built in for launching Kiwis based on camera position, destroying llamas,  and rigid body physics.  The next steps are to integrate PTAM to the camera, work on the models, and setting up the real world environment.

The Environment

We have also found a room that we can use for our final environment.  We can add as much real world clutter to give a fun and challenging setting for our great llama battle. Now the question becomes how big of a volume can we save with KinFu.  This will be the determining factor of how big the virtual objects will be and how intricate the level can be.

The Prop

We have also finished our slingshot prop!  After much work at Dr Quek’s workshop we have a light weight and protective design for the iPad.  The next step will be painting some cool funky colors.

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