Flow Model

This is the current work practice flow model of our user roles within the CRC:

Work Practice Flow Model

This is our initial work practice flow model. It encompasses the broader view of the CRC information system.

Our proposed system doesn’t alter or replace any of the current work practice flow, but rather provides roles with more avenues for communication. Since we do not alter the communication with the outside world, we decided to focus on the individual roles.  Here is a zoomed in view of the center portion of our “before” flow model.

Work Practice Flow Model Zoomed In

This the portion of the work practice flow model that would be altered by the community jukebox.

We decided to split up the information into three different categories–private information, public information, and non-professional information.  From our interviews and observations, we noticed that some information avenues are completely absent. For example, the office never shares non-professional information to the students or faculty. This means that the funny pictures or interesting articles that could be relevant to the CHCI community stops at their office. Here is the flow model after introducing Community Jukebox (CJ–labeled as SJ, which was a previous name.)

Work Practice with CJ

This flow model shows how the community jukebox would alter the flow of information and change work practice.

With CJ, public information and non-professional information can be shared equally between all user roles. Hopefully, this would raise not only awareness of what others are doing but also gives an avenue for building personal connections and overall community.

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