Concept and Scope of Community Jukebox

Concept Statement

Community Jukebox (CJ) is a distributed presentation system, that will be installed in the CRC. Patrons will engage and interact with each other by contributing different media, from the web or their own collections,which CJ will display. The CRC will have a “network” of display thats will enable multiple individuals to enjoy the same content. Much like a jukebox, users will make their request for content and the system will schedule the media that it will display. However, for CJ, the requests are made via web-enabled devices. Audience members can vote / indicate they like certain content which will have affect on current and future scheduling. Community jukebox builds community while providing patrons an opportunity to entertain themselves and each other.

Tailoring the Scope

The initial project proposal was formulated with the Virginia Tech student community as a whole so it was meant to develop a sense a community among the dining halls however when the task was to identify the different user classes, it made more sense to narrow the scope of the project to a smaller, more tightly knit community which is why the Jukebox is now going to be designed only for the CHCI at the Knowledge Works 2 building of the CRC where  students, faculty and administration people constitute the community.

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