Collecting Raw Contextual Data

The manner in which we acquired raw contextual data was in two main forms–interviews and photos. In the interviews we were able to record audio, and for some of our interviews video, while taking notes and asking questions. This was an effective raw contextual data acquisition process because we were able to revisit the notes in context with the actual interview recording on the spot. An example of one of our interviews is below:

Photos of the current CHCI office space were the second form of contextual data we. The main purpose of doing this was to see how information was being disseminated and where information could be located for mass dissemination. The photos also allowed us to see the office space where our clients worked, so that our provided solution could be cultivated for the CHCI. Below are samples of some photos that we took of the CHCI space:

Sample Task Data

From our interviews, we learned that the majority of information is sharing through emails.  Here is a selection of emails from different work roles:


[Gradstudents] Reminder: CSRC Career Fair TODAY

Libby Bradford <>
to cs-undg, cs-interest, bburg-gradstud.



You are cordially invited to attend the CSRC Spring Career Fair today, from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. in the Commonwealth Ballroom of Squires Student Center.

Please mark your calendar and don’t miss this exciting event. This is a career fair just for CS students, and is a wonderful opportunity to make connections with our corporate partners that can lead to full-time employment after graduation or to internships and co-ops during your time at Virginia Tech. These companies are here because they want to hire our students, so please take advantage of this opportunity.


Please come in business casual attire with plenty of copies of your resume in hand. Light refreshments will be served from 4:00 and 6:00.


I’ve posted helpful suggestions for preparing for the event at You can also find company information at this page. You can also download a PDF file of all company information and the booth layout to take with you to the career fair.


Companies not planning to attend: Cisco, Near Infinity, Pariveda Solutions, PDRi, Qualcomm, Readyforce, Solers, Sphere of Influence, and Zeta Associates.


Student check in will be just outside the Commonwealth Ballroom. Make sure to attend the event, pick up your name tag, and drop your name tag back by the check-in desk as you leave. The CSRC will be using those returned name tags to select door prizes.


If you’ve been to the career fair before, you may remember a huge pile of coats and backpacks near the door. The pile of coats and backpacks constitutes a fire hazard and we must use a separate room for coat and backpack check, per Squires Student Center. CSRC coat and backpack check is located in the Williamsburg Room (around the corner from the Commonwealth Ballroom.)

We look forward to seeing you at the event!
Ms. Bradford
Libby G. Bradford
Director of External Relations and Undergraduate


[Gradstudents] Fwd: Intel On Campus February 18-19, 2013 – Flyers Attached

Eric Ragan <>
to bburg-gradstud.


Intel info session for PhD students Monday at 7:30
Free food

Lavery Hall 330


See attached flyers for more info.

———- Forwarded message ———-

Hi All,
I am attaching two flyers. One is specifically for our tech talk to PhD students and the other is our snapshot of events we will be participating in during our visit next week.


I appreciate your help in distributing these flyers out to the students.


I hope to see you next week!!

Tohbi Thomas
Campus Relations Manager
Texas A&M, UCLA, Virginia Tech
US College Team, Intel Corporation


2 attachments — Download all attachments
Spring 2013 VT LTD Tech Talk flyer students final.docx


[Gradstudents] plans of study
Manuel A Perez-Quinones <>
to gradstudents



I sent a note yesterday to students “missing” their plan of study.


Note that I got your names from a report from the university. So, if
you have turned in the plan of study in our department this semester,
then you are ok. It takes 2-3 weeks for all the approvals to navigate
the system.


No need to go bother Sharon if you already turned it in.

If however, you turned your PoS last semester or earlier and received
a note from me, then let me know.




PS those of you in my UE class can sit back and enjoy the ironies of
this mess… :)


Manuel A. Perez-Quinones, DSc

Raw Data Notes

Here is a sample of some of the raw data we collect from the interviews.

Interview with Dr. Kavanaugh

  1. Do you feel close to the CHCI community? (combine w/ Q6.)
    1. Yes, personal and professional depending on the indivuals
  2. Do you currently do anything to get to know the people in the CHCI community better?
    1. Receptions, talk with the faculty.
    2. Attending talks.
    3. Refereall from other peoples
      1. based on skills or interests
    4. no social interaction with office people
      1. DiDi – moare interaaction by staying in touch
      2. more professional with the font office
    5. students – more working directly with
      1. gatherings at her house – more casual environment
  3. What would be some ways for you to get to know people in the CHCI community better? (combine w/Q7, ask after Q7)
    1. lunch with students
      1. faculty could join
      2. no agenda – or prescribed discussion
      3. more casual settings
      4. once a month or twice
      5. based on legacy
    2. use website
      1. give more information
      2. more news and announcements
    3. visualization of faculty and students
      1. who is what lab, who si working with who
      2. papers that would be written
      3. generated from existing content
    4. affiliated faculty who are not in this building
      1. easily digestible information is key

Interview with Sharon Chu

Sharon Chu's Interview

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